How long is it going to take to get my products?

Typically after you place and order and purchase. You will get a Sticks & Sponges order number.

Your items will be shipped 1-4 days after your purchase. They Ship typically same day or 2 days after order is created.

You will get a tracking code sent to your email when products are sent.

US Orders typically will take 2-4 weeks to be delivered. On average, most products will be delivered within 3 weeks. ( working days). When you get your tracking number simply track your order on our home page, and sign up for shipment updates with email through our shipment tracking page.

International Orders typically take 3-6 weeks to be delivered depending on your location. There has been some cases where  international shipments have been delayed due to customs holding the packages at sorting centers for a few weeks. No worries if you track your package and sign up for shipment tracking you will be notified any changes in your shippment

Orders may be delivered before expect delivery windows, Sticks & Sponges wants you to know about the longest possible shipment times. Track your orders for best results and expectations.

Your order is protected with satisfaction guarantee 

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How come All of my items were not delivered?

If you have ordered from Sticks & Sponges and you have only received only some of the items you ordered. 

Don't worry this is not uncommon and usually the case when ordering multiple items for example sticks (brushes) & sponges. Typically they will be delivered a few days to even a week apart!

Just follow the tracking number you have been given for your orders/ items. 

When you purchase and your order number is created, you will automatically get an email 30 days after your order is created. You will also get another email 60 days after your order is created to follow up with you and make sure you have got all your products.

Your going to want to respond to these emails if you have NOT got your products after 30- 60 days!

(If it takes 60 days for delivery this is an extreme case, but can happen if for some reason your package gets held at customs for few weeks. HIGHLY unlikely to take this long but does happen.)

View complete shipping detail times and delivery windows.

Or When you receive your products and you are satisfied please write a review, tell a friend ! Earn points ! Pay with points ! It would be selfish if you didn't tell your makeup loving friends about your new products.

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When will I get my tracking number?

When you Make an order and checkout, you will be sent an email containing your Sticks & Sponges Order number. This is NOT your tracking code, this is your order number with Sticks & Sponges.

After you place an order it can take up to 1-4 days for your order to be shipped.

As soon as your order is sent out for delivery you will receive an email containing (1) or multiple tracking codes depending on how many items your have purchased.

( Typically you will have your tracking code 2 days after your have purchased and have got your order number.)

If you do not receive your tracking number after 7 days! Please contact us direct !

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How do I become a Brush Club Member?

Simply go to our home page, find the menu at the top of the screen. "Brush Club Rewards" or click here to be taken directly to sign up.

The Brush Club is FREE and yes, anyone can become a member at this time! You just need to provide an email to register, and create a profile! You begin to earn points immediately by signing up! Create a profile with some basic information about your self. Earn more points!

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How To Earn Referral Points?

With our Brush Club membership you will have access to 2 different options to promote these great products and earn points!

  • After you receive your products from Sticks & Sponges, you can contact us for a custom discount code request. We will create a code for you that can be posted on your social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or just tell your friends. This code will be meant for friends/ followers You will receive at the end of that month brush club points according to the number of uses of your code
  • When you sign up with your email and become a Brush Club member, or if you are already a member, you will immediately given access to a Referral sign up link. Found in your Brush Club dashboard. When you sign in to your account, click "earn" tab, then "refer friend". You will then we taken to a page to "copy and paste" this custom sign up link. You can then send this link to followers/ friends. This link will ask your friend/ follower to sign up for the Brush Club Rewards program. They will get a discount code for signing up. When they use their sign up code to purchase you will immediately earn brush club points for your referrals purchase

Custom discount code referrals points will be given out monthly

Sign up link referrals points will be added to your account immediately when your referral uses "sign up link discount code" for purchase.

When customers use your "custom discount codes" you will receive 100 Brush club points

When customers use your "sign up link code" View points in brush club dashboard.

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How To Earn Brush Club Points?

Simply start earning points by signing up for an account with your email.

Create a profile along with your account, earn points!

If you add your birthday to your profile, earn points!

Make an order get 2X double points, earn points!

Like/ Share Sticks & Sponges on our facebook fan page, earn points!

Follow on Instagram , earn points!

Follow on Twitter , earn points!

View full details within Sign in Brush Club dashboard. Click here

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Benefits Of Brush Club Members?

  • Double Points 2X points > $1.00
  • Pay with your Brush Club Points
  • Discounts for points for 20%
  • 30%, 40%
  • 50%, 60%
  • 80%
  • Even up to 95% OFF YOUR ORDER.


Your order will not be processed if exceed (3) brush sets when using Brush Club Reward Points discount codes!

View Full Details on how to get points and how to receive your discounts. Click here

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What is the Brush Club?

The Brush Club is a FREE rewards points system tracker. Simply sign up with any email to link your account with Sticks & Sponges and your Brush Club Rewards.

Each Brush club point is valued at 1 point = $1.00USD

When you are a member of the Brush Club you will receive DOUBLE POINTS 2X points per every $1.00 USD spent! on purchases at our store  $1.00 = 2 points!

If you make a purchase while taking advantage of a sale! You will receive FULL points value of products as if you are purchasing at full price. Sales do not effect points you will receive.

Email Sign up Brush Club Rewards 

You will not only receive double points benefits! You will also receive FREE SHIPPING with your orders! No minimum purchase !

View Shipping details, and delivery windows

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